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FONTEK BAG,It is committed to the luggage product innovation and R & D and manufacturing since's inception.We always maintained a high growth in the field of luggage products, especially computer package series products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, has become a benchmark of similar enterprises in China, and the industry as a computer bag experts. The value of the concept of adhering to "exceed customer expectations", FONTEK BAG with excellent quality and market performance convincing, to prove to the customers the "fontek create " brand goodwill.

Quality, service and delivery has always been the strong commitment of the the Fontek bag to customers.

We both through scientific, standardized management system to promote the performance of business operations step by step climb, relying on the people, fine cultural management, strengthen solidarity and cohesion of the staff. Fontek is not only the construction of a standardized, ecological, modern production base, but also strive to meet the staff of life, health and entertainment needs of supporting facilities, dormitories, restaurants, clinics, playgrounds, gym and entertainment center care initiatives being perfected, so that the 2000 plus employees who are in Fontek, heart in Fontek, staff turnover is far below the industry average.

Fontek growing demand for talent growing, we not only provide their employees with salary stability, welfare comprehensive work opportunities, more staff Grow and success opened up the management, operations, technology and services, "the four occupational runway . "Each employee can choose any one runway, according to their abilities and interests, to realize their career aspirations.

Fontek well versed in business management of the Road, depending on business and society, businesses and partners, corporate customers, enterprises and employees interests of the Community Development Community (SADC) and the community of life. Future, Fontek has developed a record to win the future "expansion strategy, changing concepts, to accelerate the initiative innovation of technology, management and service system, increase the advantages of solid efforts to speed up the potential for product development speed, and ultimately to promote a new round of the pace of positive higher goal.

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